Is it Time to Rebrand?

Last week, I attended ESTC, which is the Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism Conference. In sum, it was awesome! Though I write for a variety of clients, a big passion of mine is sustainable tourism, so it was truly wonderful meeting with so many fine folks in the industry.

While I was there, I got some goodies from Visit California, who will be hosting the event next year. In this pack was a tidbit of marketing that really intrigued me. And this is where today’s blog topic begins…

Introducing the New, Improved Superfruit!

Fantastic Modern Marketing for Pruins

That’s right, dried plums! A.k.a. the sensational superfruit! A.k.a. PRUNES!

I was so impressed to see that an entire packet of prunes had no mention of the word prune, that I just had to share my excitement.

When I saw this, I thought to myself… that’s ingenious!!

I have to admit that I’m a pretty big fan of prunes, no matter what name you give them. I attribute this to my dear ol’ vegan granny from California, who fed us all the prunes we could ever want every morning when we’d visit her.

But if I didn’t gain a taste for them at such a young age, I’m not sure I would’ve been so enthusiastic to try. They haven’t exactly had a glamorous reputation. I’m sure you know the dilemma… the dried fruit has always been the food for old folks looking to “stay regular.” Not exactly appealing or trendy in any way.

But here they were, in this snack pack, with the most appealing color packaging, with a glowing title. Who wouldn’t want to try a sensational superfruit? My guess is no one!

When to rebrand, and when to stay the same

Clearly, prunes didn’t make the cut when it came to positive reputations. But plums have always been a treat (think plum pudding…or even Professor Plum!). It’s very clever marketing to simply cut out the overused “prunish” title and stick with dried plums.

So, you ask, what about in business? Are there times when it’s better to rebrand a name? Changing a business name gets into a whole other discussion, but rebranding a product (like plums), it may be worth the change.

But wait!

First comes a whole lot of research. What do consumers think of the product? What do they expect from them? Would another name really make them more likely to buy? Ask, ask, ask, and triple ask before you make the change.

Keep that fresh attitude and always check to see that your marketing works. Then consumers will be happy to consume. Simple as that.

Now, go forth and assess your company’s brands. If you find any prunes, conduct a thorough analysis of some changes, and find your sensational, superfruit plum of a product!

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