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I’m writing to add a little note about marketing with a cause in mind. Cause marketing is something very near and dear to my heart. I’ve also co-authored a full program on the topic, for those who want to become writers in the cause marketing field, or for cause marketers who want to improve their outreach content.

Are you familiar with cause marketing? It’s a term used to describe any for-profit company that publicly supports a good cause in a mutually beneficial agreement. The traditional cause marketing model is defined by a win-win partnership in which the company dedicates a certain percentage of its profits to a good cause, and also supports the good cause with marketing power.

This has stemmed into other areas of noble social business models, like companies with their own worthy causes supported by a company-owned foundation, or companies that make a big push for paid employee volunteer time.

Whatever the case, I love working for worthy causes and helping companies to spread the word about the good works they’re doing. If you know of anyone interested in a free cause marketing consultation, to either brainstorm ideas on how to get started on a cause marketing campaign, or spread the word about a current cause-related effort, please contact me at

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