Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!


Ahhh…I do love January. It’s a time to reflect, a time of renewal, and a time to drink lots of hot cocoa!

I’m the type who religiously makes New Year’s Resolutions that fill a whole page or two or five in my journal. I love having a reminder to look back at the past year and think about ways to be even bigger and better for the year to come.

Goals for me range greatly, from  learning morse code, to baking my own bread, to boosting my business marketing. And of course, with this blog, it’s the business marketing goal that I’m going to discuss today.

The funny thing about marketing is there’s just so much of it! And when all is said and done, many businesses get caught in this web of trying to do everything at once. They give presentations at business luncheons, they sign up for every form of social media, start a newsletter list, send direct mail, host webinars, and on and on.

But the thing to remember, and the tip of today’s blog, is focus on quality, not quantity. Don’t market through every channel unless there’s quality information and quality manpower to back it up.

For example, if you’re going to sign up for Facebook and Twitter, be sure you have someone or a group of people who can provide well-written, quality posts. Are you going to have a blog? You shouldn’t if you only plan to write two updates a year.

Many times, the best solution to commit to focused marketing strategies is to hire others to do the work. Whatever your business, you have a lot to do. Even if you’re a marketing firm, your job is to serve clients, so working on their projects should allot for most of your day.

Now, that leaves you with marketing that needs to get done, and should be done regularly. What do you do? Give the job to someone else. Whether it be in-house or a freelancer, give the role to someone who will regularly keep things flowing.

An added perk is to find someone who knows your industry – or is willing to learn the ins and outs of your industry – and who is able to help come up with topics.

Looking for someone like this? Let me see if I can help. We might be a good match, or I may be able to lead you to a contact who is just the right fit for your field.

Cheers to you and to a wonderful New Year!

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