Never Underestimate the Power of Customer Service

I hold a very special place in my heart for stellar customer service. It just makes my entire day, and boosts the chances that I’ll purchase something tenfold. Before I became a full-time writer, I did a lot of work in the customer service world, from cruise ships to restaurants to travel agencies, providing customer service was my thing.

I love going into a clothing store and receiving that warm smile and merry greeting. And to get prompt service for a dressing room? It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s not a huge expectation to receive this kind of service, but it baffles me how often I go places and receive absolutely no acknowledgment. For example, in the DC metro area, I’ve stepped into a handful of Ann Taylor LOFT stores. Nine out of 10 times, I won’t be greeted. and even less often, I’ve never been asked to open a dressing room. And though I don’t do it intentionally, about nine out of 10 visits, I leave without buying a thing.

However, when I’m in the LOFT in Albuquerque while visiting family, I’m always greeted, always helped, and I just about always buy something. (Granted, I like the product in general, but the experience makes a big difference for my spending personality.)

Am i the only sucker for service? I don’t think so. Are the expectations of quality service different from city to  city? Perhaps. But I just know that if I received even an inkling of real quality service from the stores near me, I’d likely have a bigger collection of LOFT in my wardrobe.

This goes for anything. Car service, restaurant service, choosing wedding venues (I’m on the lookout). When I feel like I’m a hassle to any of these people when asking questions, I get frustrated and don’t buy. So clearly, customer service is a big factor in the marketing world as well. Brand your company as a business that cares, that caters to its customers, that wants to serve. If you’re taking these steps, you’ll see a lot more loyalty from customers. It’s just the age old concept: people like buying from likable people.

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