Paris is for Marketers

Ever notice how France gets all the credit for so many great things?  The wine…the pastries…the fashion. It seems like everything they do is the “crème de la crème.”
Photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

I mean, the French even know how to make a slimey garden pest seem like the world’s most exquisite delicacy. (Hint: escargot.)

What’s their secret?

The way I see it, there are two main reasons: 

  1. They produce quality products.
  2. They know how to market themselves.

That’s right. In many ways, they’ve earned their reputation merely by offering top-notch products. I’ve never met a glass of champagne I didn’t like, or turned my nose up at a crème brulee.

But it also has to do with marketing. It’s not as cut and dry as typical business marketing, but the masterminds of the French nation have worked their magic on millions of consumers across the globe.

Let’s see if France’s appeal has affected you. Image you’re making a formal, romantic dinner for your special someone. In preparation, you buy a:

  1. a) a bottle of champagne  OR  b)a bottle of lemonade
  2. a) a baguette  OR  b) tortillas
  3. a) filet mignon  OR  b) hot dogs
  4. a) brie  OR  b) Velveeta cheese slices

Did you choose mostly “a”?

Okay, okay, this example is incredibly biased. But when I think of French foods versus American foods, these are the foods I think of. In many respects, I naturally find French food fancier. And the American foods that are fancy are higher brow are often inspired by French foods. Do you agree?

There are several factors as to why the French have such high acclaim for their food, art, architecture and more. Yes, they’ve had centuries to master their products, and yes, historic settlement and shifts in world powers could’ve played a role as well.

But one thing is for sure. France’s marketing powers are at work today. French people continue to express themselves as masters of fine quality, and they do a darn good job at convincing me!

Turn Snails into Escargot

Your business needs to market itself like France. First off, you need a quality product or service. And secondly, you need to convey a clear, consistent message that your business is unique and impressive.

Never stop marketing your business. The French have marketed their fine talents for centuries. And as you can see, it’s been worth the effort.

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