Why Hire a Freelance Copywriter?

When you need content, where do you go? Is it worth hiring a copywriter when you or someone on your staff are perfectly capable of constructing sentences?

Consider these reasons:

1. Expertise. Copywriters are specialists in their field, so they can skillfully pump out quality copy while your full-time staff can focus on the jobs they are trained to do.

2. Results. Copywriters greatly value end results. Their mission is to craft words that generate sales, leads, subscribers, and similar goals for your business needs.

3. Quality. As independent professionals, copywriters are motivated to go above and beyond, offering new ideas and know-how for marketing and communications strategies.

4. Freshness. You may have plenty of content, but it constantly needs refreshing. On the web, updated content attracts search engines and increased web traffic. In print, new content will appeal to new customers.

5. Time. How much time do you have to write fresh marketing materials? For most, there’s never enough time. For social media marketing alone, the recommended time needed to engage customers is 20 hours per week. Save your valuable time by hiring a copywriter to manage your accounts.

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